Wireless Thermometer with Easy-Read Digital Display

Wireless Thermometer 2Wireless Thermometer 2




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Wireless Gives You Freedom!

This Wireless Thermometer gives you the freedom to move about but still be alerted when your food is cooked. You can use it with your barbecue or your kitchen oven.  Just connect one end of the probe into the base and insert the other end into your meat, set the base outside the oven or barbecue.  The easy-read display you keep with you beeps you when the correct temperature has been reached.

It takes the guesswork out of knowing when your meats are perfectly done and has many great features:

    • It has a wide temperate range that goes from a low 32 – 378°F (0 – 200°C). Easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius


    • Probe is 4.25″ long; cord is 42″.


    • Almost 100 foot range (30 meters).


    • Has clip to hook on your belt or apron, or a kickstand to set up near you.


    • Has convenient pre-set temperatures for different meats, poultry and fish — OR — set your own desired temperature.


    • Base has  ON/OFF button to save batteries when not in use.


    • Base and Receiver each use two AAA batteries.