24 inch Rotisserie Spit Rod Kit




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This Rotisserie Spit Kit comes with a 24″ rod — it is the right choice for 18″ kettles or wherever a very short rod is needed. It will not work for gas grills because it is too short — remember that 6″ of the rod length will be used for the handle and the motor.

This high-quality chrome-plated rotisserie spit unit has a premium quality molded handle with threaded brass insert (unlike cheaper ones without this feature, this insert prevents the handle from cracking over time). It has a highly adjustable counter balance weight system. The universal mounting bracket for the motor works with all our rotisserie motors.

IMPORTANT: To rotisserie on a Kettle you MUST use a Ring whether you are using The Rib-O-Lator or doing conventional spit-fork rotisserie. It’s necessary because it adds extra height and also provides slots for the rod to rest in and holes to attach the motor. If you don’t already have a Ring, then order the 18″ Ring Combo Package instead (on our “Products” page) or just the Ring alone if that’s all you need.



    • Quality 5/16” square rod, tapered at one end to insert into motor and threaded for handle on the other end.
      • Fully adjustable, heavy-gauge 4-prong forks for use with whole roasts or chickens.
        • Fully adjustable counterweight.
          • High quality plastic handle with threaded brass insert.
            • Universal motor mounting bracket (actual motor NOT included — must be ordered separately)
              • Mounting hardware