I have two Ribolators, one for my Weber kettle and one for my gas grill. The following is how i made one of the best french dip sandwiches i have ever had. (1) a 2.09 lb Eye of Round was used,(Brought to room temp) i tide it to the tray using butcher string to keep it in place. (2) Heavy coat of Morton’s Season All (3) I used some hickory smoking chips to add a nice smoke flavor. (4) There was no searing, the seasoning provided a thin tasty crust. (5) When the temp gets around 125 – 127 degrees, take it off & Tent 17 minutes. (6) I used a meat slicer to cut paper thin slices, making it very tender. (7) This less expensive beef came out great, and made one of the best sandwiches i have had in a long time. As a Note: I’ve been a General Manager of a large Full Service Restaurant & have cooked steaks on a Gas Grill for Customers. The Ribolator takes a little longer to cook but the steaks cook to Perfection.